We are seeking spiritual rhythms to renew our souls and sustain our city.

our Story

In January 2017, Fr. Bryan Wandel and his family moved back to Buffalo after a decade away and felt the Lord was drawing them here to start a new church: liturgical in form and evangelical in heart.  They bought a home on the West Side and began connecting with people. In addition to Bible studies, cookouts, and parties, Fr. Bryan started The Nickel City Forum, a public gathering of people with extremely diverse ideas (atheist, humanist, spiritual, believers of various stripe) for lectures and debates about important questions in culture and life.


In December 2017, a small group around Fr. Bryan started regular worship services in December 2017.


In 2018, the church took a new turn as we began to connect deeply with asylum-seekers in Buffalo who have become a significant part of our community.


Today, we are "seeking spiritual rhythms to renew our souls and sustain our city" - that is, we are building rhythms of life that will draw us more deeply into God's work of atonement through Jesus and being sent out to love our neighborhoods.


We hope you can join this story! Come be one with us as we are one with the Lord.

Renewing our souls
Small Groups

God did not make us to be alone but to love and be loved by others in his church.  We believe in community, hospitality, and sacrificing ourselves for the good of others.  In our community, small groups renew our souls through following Jesus in the practices of intentional community, discussing our faith, and praying for one another.

Anglican Worship

We all have liturgies - patterns of behavior, words, rituals - that influence who we are.  Our greatest desire is to love Jesus and other people, so each Sunday we participate in patterns of behavior (kneeling, standing, bowing) and words (praying, listening, speaking) that help us to love God.

Everything in our worship directs us to Jesus, the one who renews all people, as we see him revealed in the Bible and the Eucharist.

SustainING our city
Vive Shelter

Another way that we love our neighbors in Buffalo is by spending time with the most vulnerable in our community.  Asylum seekers come to Buffalo with little to no support, and so we partner with Vive to spend time with those who have fled injustice in their home countries to seek a better life.

Nickel City Forum

We love Buffalo and want to promote good discussion about the most important things in life!

The Nickel City Forum is a monthly gathering to learn about and discuss big ideas: culture, life, theology.  We think that friends, a stimulating topic, and some goodwill can go a long way.

our Leaders
Fr. Bryan Wandel

Rector, Lead Pastor

Dcn. Matt Traylor

Curate, Pastoral Resident

Jonathan Moran

Music Director