Strong Foundations

A 10 week summer plan to (1) strengthen the foundations of our faith and (2) to experience the transformative power of the gospel in our own lives.

Sunday worship will be 10-11 am, followed by grilling burgers and hot dogs, and then one hour for Strong Foundations. That time will include some teaching, processing together what this means for our lives, and praying for one another.

1. June 13: Why are we here? The Big Picture Gospel

2. June 20: God in Christ, God in Trinity

3. June 27: Using Scripture in our Lives

4. July 4: Biblical Anthropology 1: Method

5. July 11: Biblical Anthropology 2: Ethics

6. July 18: God in Worship: Liturgy and Sacraments

7. July 25: Personal Prayer: Connecting with God

8. August 1: Worship at Home: with family and friends

9. August 8: God on Mission in Buffalo

10. August 15: Church: Walking Together