A message from our pastor:

September 4, 2020

"The Lord is my rock and my fortress and my deliverer." (2 Samuel 22)

When King David was freed from all his hardship, he looked back and said, "At every step, the Lord was there." God is with you as a strong rock, unmoved by the difficulties and forces in your life. He is a fortress to those who hurt. He gathers us up as his people, and in the Almighty we are safe.


Sunday worship: 10 am

Cookout: 11 am

Arabic worship: 12 pm


COVID Guidelines

I continue to follow COVID news and guidance for what is safe in group gatherings. First, if you are not yet comfortable with gatherings, that is understandable. Please continue to worship from home on Sundays, to stay in touch with me, and to stay in touch with others from church. We still need each other.  If you have any symptoms of sickness, please stay home on Sunday and worship with our resources.


Outside until temperatures are below 60 degrees on Sunday morning. I anticipate this will take us until the end of September.  At that point, we will move indoors. Face masks are required indoors, except for those speaking into a microphone; masks are encouraged for young children, but please be aware that this is not easy and you may see small kids without a mask on.

Children's Ministry

We have no current plans for Sunday children's ministry to resume. However, if you have a 2- or 3-year-old, let's talk. This age can be especially difficult indoors, so I'd consider having a paid (and masked) nursery worker to stay with some of these kids in the changing room at the rear of the church.



Continue until the snow comes. This has been great, and even if it's cold enough to worship indoors, we can grill outside in the cool Fall air. Let's keep making connections through this.


I have not yet decided the frequency. We've been celebrating the Lord's Supper once a month. Will this change? Maybe. Please give me some time as I consider the factors of being inside regularly for worship. We'll have precautions, most of which are directives from our bishop, Steve Breedlove:

  • You must have a face mask, if you wish to receive. Even outside. You only need the mask as you come forward to receive, not when you are back at your seat.

  • You will only receive a consecrated wafer (bread), though we will celebrate with the bread and wine. This is not to symbolize any ultimate difference between me (who will drink the chalice) and you, the laity - it's just something churches do when there are concerns about disease transmission, such as in a bad flu season.

  • I will have disposable gloves when handling the elements, and a face mask for distribution.

  • We won't have an altar rail (even if we're inside due to weather, we won't use it). You can receive standing up or you can kneel if you wish - we'll have some cushions 6 feet apart.


I am looking at some simple outdoor ideas. Also, don't forget our 12pm Arabic service - we need your help in building relationships, logistics, and I know they will have personal needs as the winter comes.

Fr. Bryan